darko barbirovic

After Bachelor studies at Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade,
I enrolled at Master’s Degree program at Polytechnic University in Milan, Italy where I live and work now.

Why architecture?
Personally, it means changing, constructing a building that will make people live and work better, easier, more pleasant, or simply, different.
Architecture is like a ‘kid’. You are trying to ‘teach’ it the best and once is ‘done’, it starts its own ‘life’.

Why shooting?
It is relaxing, makes me feel good and gives immense energy.
Photography gives me freedom, it allows me to observe the world around me in a different dimension and to propose my personal view without barriers or compromises.

Work experience
In 2010 I did the internship at FAM Architects office in Prague and since 2012 I am working as Junior Project Manager at Abad Architetti Srl in Milan.
 Since 2012 I have been writing for architecture magazine Arhitekton and newspapers Blic. In 2015 I found dapgroup (international office for design, architecture and photography) and dapmagazine (portral about design, architecture and photography).